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Please remember as we have stated elsewhere, this is our home from home and we will expect you to clear up and wash the sheets and towels before leaving.

For those that do not wish to do this, we can organise a local cleaning service for around £80 to £120 per week extra (season dependent). So far we have found people to be honest and replace anything they break, if this should ever change we reserve the right to ask for a refundable deposit.


You can see in the picture below which is our apartment, as it is viewed from my brothers apartment, the other-side of the Marina (red ring around it top centre). Also because it is our home you will have the use of our internet. You get unlimited Wi-Fi, as well as the use of our powerful Windows twin screen computer. Our full Blue Ray DVD player.

Spanish TV shows a lot of programs which have English soundtracks if you select the other audio channel on the TV, plus we sometimes can get UK television, but being Spain it is not something you can be sure of.

The 40" LCD TVThe Computer

About La Manga

a Manga is one of the best kept secrets outside of Spain! A sort of 'Spanish Florida Keys' The La Manga Strip is just 1km wide (and often much less) and around 20km long, coming to wet end!

With the mirror like Mar Menor to the West and the  Mediterranean to the East, it is blessed with long stretches of often deserted sand covered beaches, with free access to all. Jellyfish can be a problem in high summer anywhere in the Mediterranean, but our council use net walls to keep them out and create safe bathing areas.

Most of the Mar Menor (the inner sea) is very shallow and ideal for safe bathing. The weather is usually around 14-20c in winter and rarely gets too hot in summer, thanks to being surrounded by so much water.

Day and night, summer or winter there is always something special to see and do. It has far more restaurants than you could try in a single holiday. Plus there are a large number of water recreations and transport you can enjoy with the local hire companies, all at very reasonable rates.

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