Our Apartment Rental Rate

This is our hard worked for holiday home and so we are not looking to 'go into the rental business'. However times are hard, so a little income is needed to help with the running cost. We are therefore prepared to offer the apartment to Adults (accompanied by their Children if they are sensible), on the understanding they will treat out apartment as they would their own home. Below are our rates and contact details.

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The above is the charge per week between the shown dates and applies to bookings done direct through this website only. If your stay overlaps a price break, we will charge that week at the lower rate. The norm is Saturday to Saturday lets, but we should be able to adjust dates to suit you.

We supply bedding towels etc. free, but on the understanding that you will wash them before leaving, as well as cleaning the apartment. For those that do not wish to do this, we can organise a local cleaning service for around £80 to £120 per week extra (season dependent). So far we have found people to be honest and replace anything they break, if this should ever change we reserve the right to ask for a refundable deposit.

January and February can be wet but it rarely lasts more than a couple of days. By March it is usually very pleasant by day but cooler by night and It stays that way till April. July till the end of August is the busy time for the area with many Spanish coming to their Holiday apartments. Temperatures during these months can be in the forties on the mainland and we are grateful for the gentle breeze that blows up the La Manga strip, or off the Mediterranean Sea. You will however need to use the Air Conditioning some nights, contributing to higher rental charge for those months). September through to December and March through to June, are the best time if you want to be warm, but without roasting. Although we know some like to roast, so it is July and August for you.